Announcing our New Certificate Program!

Huang Di Nei Jing Studies


(30 PDA/CEU Hours, NCCAOM Certified)

The Huang Di Nei Jing, or the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, is the foundation of all Chinese medicine, and no other text has influenced medical practice quite as much. Even though the Nei Jing is the undisputed seminal text of our medicine, few practicing Oriental medicine providers have actually read it. This series of courses will introduce the core theories and discussions in both sections of the Nei Jing, the Su Wen (Simple Questions) and the Ling Shu (Miraculous Pivot). More importantly, participants will begin to understand how to read classic texts so that they can have access to the foundational literature of our medicine.

This class will be presented thematically in ten parts, one Sunday per month (each part separately awarding 3 PDA points/CEU hours; NCCAOM approved). The themes/classes will be:

1.     Introduction to the History and Culture of Medicine in China

2.     The Art of Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng)

3.     Core Theory

4.     Zang Xiang (Organ Theory)

5.     Qi, Blood and the Channels

6.     Qi, Blood and the Channels Part II

7.     Diagnosis

8.     Treatment and Points

9.     Treatment and Points Part II

10.  Diseases

While all sections will grant 3 PDA/CEU hours, at the end participants who complete at least 9 classes will have the option of earning a Certificate in Nei Jing Studies. In addition to completing the coursework, certificate participants will complete a written case study (with an additional evaluation fee) by the end of the course, details to be provided (this is not mandatory to receive CEU points).


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About the Instructor

Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc is on the faculty of the doctoral degree programs at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (Portland) and the American College of TCM (San Francisco). He teaches medical classics at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York), and has also taught Nei Jing to doctoral students at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Dr. McCann studied medical classics with Jeffrey Yuen and Dr. Henry Lu. In addition to his regular teaching duties, he has lectured on Chinese medicine in Austria, Germany, Holland, Ireland, and Indonesia.