Clinical Qigong Course Series & Certificate Program

Up to 37 PDA/CEU hours available - NCCAOM (including 4 hours of safety)

Qigong is a modern name for a variety of ancient practices designed to improve health, encourage wellbeing and treat disease. Once an essential part of disease treatment and prevention, today the topic gets scant coverage in our typical master’s degree level curricula. This course series fills that gap. Over the course of several months we will cover the core theory, practice and clinical applications of a variety of Qigong practices. Unlike most Qigong courses, some labeled “medial qigong,” this accelerated course was developed for the professional Chinese medicine practitioner. We also return to the real clinical roots of the classical qigong by presenting exercises with actual lineage and avoiding Qigong external healing or extraordinary power development, both modern and invented traditions without basis in the classics. This course is specifically designed for professional practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine, or students enrolled in accredited graduate degree programs. To read more about Qigong in general please click here.

This class will be presented thematically in ten parts (each part separately awarding 3 or 4 PDA points/CEU hours; NCCAOM approved). Additionally there will be two optional practicum sessions. The themes/classes will be:

1.     Introduction to the History and Theory of Qigong

2.     Entering the Gate – Qigong Basics

3.     Self-Massage and Pai Da

4.     Stillness Practices (Jing Gong)

5.     Six Sounds for Nourishing Life Part I

6.     Six Sounds for Nourishing Life Part II

7.     Standing Qigong Part I

8.     Standing Qigong Part II

9.     Qigong Deviation

10. Clinical Applications and Review


Certificate Program: 

Participants have the option of completing a Certificate in Clinical Qigong Studies. Requirements for certificate participants will be attendance at all sessions as well as 2 additional practicum sessions, regular home practiced (documented by a daily practice log), and 2 case studies describing Qigong use with patients. Certificate participants will have access to additional mentoring as needed.


Sundays in 2015, Dates and Fees TBA

For inquiries please contact us by clicking here or by calling (973) 449-0340


About the Instructor

Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc has practiced Asian martial arts for over 30 years and has practiced various forms of Qigong for over 20 years. Dr. McCann has a 3rd dan in Isshinryu Karate and a 3rd dan in Shorin (Kobayashi) Ryu that was awarded while he trained and lived in Okinawa, Japan. Currently Dr. McCann is a 12th generation lineage holder in Chen Style Taijiquan, a 3rd generation lineage holder in Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan, and a lineage holder in a Qigong system originating with the Daoist Immortal Chen Tuan.