In Asia traditional medicine and martial arts have gone hand and hand for generations. Below please find our teachings and other offerings related to classical Asian martial arts.

To read more about the general history of martial arts and medicine in Asia please click here.

Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow (Die Da Jiu in Mandarin) are traditional trauma liniments used in the treatment of injury, or other types of acupuncture or chronic pain. They were often part of the secret lore of martial arts schools. We offer pre-made and custom trauma liniment formulas for the general public and for martial artists. Click here to read more about Dit Da Jow formulas and to see what formulas we currently have available.

Seminars for Martial Artists

Dr. McCann is both an experienced martial artist as well as professional doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. While he no longer teaches martial arts professionally, he does offer short seminars for your martial arts school. These are particularly useful for advanced students or instructors to help expand their repertoire. Give your martial arts school a cutting edge on the competition! We offer seminars on the following topics:

  • Basic acupressure for injury management
  • Self-massage for health
  • Introduction to classical Asian medicine
  • Qigong and other breathing techniques for health
  • Taiji Therapy (click here to read more about Taiji therapy) for health and injury management
  • Over the counter basic Chinese herbal medicine
  • Other topics relevant to you and your school!

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Dr. Henry McCann is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Oriental medicine with over 15 years of private practice experience. He has also practiced Asian martial arts for over 30 years. Initially starting with Okinawan Karate, he lived as a graduate student in Okinawa, Japan where he trained at the Kyudokan in Naha. Dr. McCann is a 3rd degree black belt in Kobayashi-ryu and Isshin-ryu Karate, and a 2nd dan in Ryukyu Kempo. He is a 12th generation lineage holder in Chen Style Taijiquan, and a 3rd generation lineage holder in Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan as a direct indoor disciple of Wang Feng Ming. For more information on Dr. McCann please click here.


Push Hands

Taiji Master Wang Fengming and Dr. Henry McCann demonstrating Push Hands in Anhui Province, China (August 2017)