Acupuncture Courses

Some acupuncture courses are now available online. These are intended for professional health care providers only, and are approved for PDA (professional development activity) and CEU (continuing education units) hours by groups such as the NCCAOM, California Acupuncture Board, and other state licensing boards (e.g., Florida, Texas). To see available courses please click below to visit eLotus.


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Here are some short segments of lectures by Dr. McCann and other videos related to classical Chinese medicine and medical arts.

This is a segment of a lecture on bloodletting therapy in acupuncture given at the TAO Kongress in Vienna, Austria (September, 2011). 

Pestle Needle (Taiji Chu Zhen) Therapy is an acupuncture method characterised by a unique set of points, specialized tools and their specific methods of manipulation. Until modern times it has remained a secret method, passed down through a lineage to its modern inheritor, Li Zhong Yu, Professor of Acupuncture at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.