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Tung's Acupuncture Basic Course - Part 2 (Pennsylvania)

  • Won Institute 137 S Easton Rd Glenside, PA, 19038 United States (map)

Tung’s acupuncture is a classical family lineage that represents an ancient system of practice that survived to the present day independent of the TCM movement. Once a guarded secret, it is characterized by a unique set of extra points, its minimal use of needles, an almost exclusive use of distal point treatment, and an extensive use of bloodletting therapy. In this two-weekend course we will cover the history, theory and clinical application of Tung’s acupuncture while learning, in depth, the location and indications of each unique extra point. Furthermore, we will look at the rational and clinical importance of distal point needling starting with classical texts such as the Nei Jing. Even if one never uses Tung’s unique points, this class will help deepen the clinicians understanding of conventional acupuncture and 12 channel theory.

This is part 2 of our 4 day seminar. For more information or registration please click here.