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A Day of Diagnosis

  • Newcastle College of Chinese Medicine Newcastle House Dublin Ireland (map)

The primary cognitive activity of the practicing clinician is diagnosis, and proper diagnosis leads to better treatment. During this class we will look deeply into several methods of diagnosis that are either poorly taught in modern education or not taught at all. Topics will include a classical look at pulse diagnosis, an overview of acupuncture channel diagnosis from the Ling Shu (which is sometimes different from the Zang-Fu based herbal diagnosis we learn in school), and the Nineteen Lines on Pathology from the Su Wen. We will also cover classical facial diagnosis, and Tung’s palm diagnosis. Finally, we will have hand-on training in using the pulse as a dynamic method of choosing the living acupuncture point for more effective treatment.

Classes are sponsored by the Newcastle College of Chinese Medicine in Ireland. For more information please contact Kathleen Dowd at 086 2236335 or