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Daoist Neigong & Paida Gong for the Channels

  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 110 William Street New York, NY, 10038 United States (map)

Paida Gong is the practice of patting the body to move and strengthen the Qi mechanism. This classical method of Qigong combines static standing and moving exercises with channel stimulation to systematically work each primary channel, and the Du and Ren vessels.  As part of the patting exercise we use a special herbal sack that contains a Daoist lineage formula. The practice not only strengthens the body and prevents disease, but also gives acupuncturists a true sense of Qi movement that enhances treatment ability. In addition to the Paida Gong we will also practice Daoist Neigong standing and moving postures to enhance Qi absorption and circulation. This is a rare opportunity to learn classical body-mind cultivation practices in a small group setting tailored to Chinese medicine students and practitioners. Open to PCOM students, faculty and alumni.

Runs each Tuesday from 12-1pm; open to PCOM students, staff and alumni

$10/class; $25 for materials fee (Paida sack)

For more information please contact us