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Tung's Pain Management and Bloodletting Therapy

  • Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1441 York Street Denver, CO USA (map)

Day 1: Tung’s Acupuncture for Pain Management

This class will cover an introduction to the application of the Tung lineage of classical acupuncture in the treatment of pain, one of the most common conditions seen in a modern acupuncturist’s clinic. Our discussion will include essential theory that bridges Tung’s points with classical theory to allow for the effective selection of points, the use of special needle methods to maximize efficacy, and key Tung lineage points that can be incorporated into any acupuncturist’s practice.

Day 2: Bloodletting Therapy in Chinese Medicine

Bloodletting therapy is a fundamental method of classical acupuncture and according to the Neijing is essential in the treatment of chronic disease. In this class we will cover the basics of bloodletting therapy and see how this very old therapy can be a very dynamic and useful tool in the modern acupuncturist’s toolbox. Topics will include when and why we use bloodletting, how to actually apply the technique, and commonly bled points and areas of the body. We will also explore the Tung lineage approach to bloodletting and it’s application in the treatment of a wide variety of internal and external medicine complaints.

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