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Master Tung's Essential Points for Gynecological Conditions

In this course, Dr. McCann, co-author with Dr. Hans-Georg Ross of Practical Atlas of Tung’s Acupuncture, a highly-regarded Tung book known for its clear, comprehensive and organized contents, shares the top Tung points used for gynecology that yield results with conditions such as irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, infertility, disorders of the breast, spontaneous habitual miscarriage, and other problems related to women’s health. Detailed descriptions of Master Tung's point locations, functions, and indications will be covered in this course, as well as basic theory, needle technique, and clinical strategy.

Master Tung's system of unique extra points is famous for it’s clinical efficacy, it’s simple needle techniques, and use of minimal points even in complex and chronic conditions. While most acupuncturists associated Tung’s acupuncture with pain management, it is equally effective in internal medicine, especially the management of women’s health.

This course is entirely online. For more information or to register please click here.