Updated Course Schedule

I've just recently updated the course schedule to include my first online class with ProD Seminars. Please click here to go to the course offering page. Most of my other courses this year are as part of DAOM programs, but I will be in Colorado for an in person class this October. I'm working on getting some other live classes up for the fall, so stay tuned!

And speaking of the DAOM programs (someone had asked me about the programs I teach in), here are the 3 places I teach. I teach most at OCOM where in addition to Tung's acupuncture I teach clinical case writing, and sometimes Neijing. So, for those looking for advanced training these are the places I'd suggest (right now I can't recommend any of the first professional DACM programs):

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine DAOM Program (focusing on geriatric medicine and women's health)

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine DAOM Program (focusing on pain management and women's health)

Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences DAOM Program (focusing on classical Chinese medicine)