Taking Action Class (ToDo Institute)

Our friends at ToDo Institute are running another great online course. Some of you may know that I did training in Japanese Psychology with them (which is partly the basis of the Emotional/Spiritual Healing Course I do at PCOM). This class is a great vehicle for tackling challenges, and i used it myself a number of years ago to get the Practical Atlas off the ground. Below is the description, and they are offering my students a 40% discount on the class. Just use the code McCann40 when registering.

Taking Action: March 1-30, 2019

The ToDo Institute is offering a 30 day program called TAKING ACTION, which begins on March 1st. If there's a specific project you'd like to take on in your life, this program can help you to actually do it! Any kind of project will qualify -- organizing your office, writing a book proposal, making a will, doing back taxes, creating a healthier lifestyle, starting a garden, you name it. Then throughout the month you will receive daily exercises, through email, that will help you to shape and structure your efforts. The foundation of the program is based on Japanese Psychology, which you will also learn about throughout the month. Gregg Krech, author of The Art of Taking Action, teaches the program. (A digital copy of this Amazon best-seller is included with registration.)

Click here to go directly to the ToDo Course information webpage.