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Tung's Acupuncture for Endocrine and Digestive Disorders & Tung's Points for Shang Han Lun Patterns

Digestive and endocrine disorders are commonly seen conditions and often recalcitrant to treatment. One of the reasons for this is that they are complex problems of multiple and difficult patterns such as blood stasis. Tung’s acupuncture is a perfect treatment approach for these conditions as it allows clinicians to choose and implement needle protocols using a minimal number of points while still addressing complex and chronic cases. In this weekend we cover commonly seen disorders and discuss how to use key Tung points and protocols to address them. As part of the discussion we will cover hand acupuncture points that are rarely seen and not included in most English language texts, and other therapies such as bloodletting and direct moxibustion.

In addition to our disease discussions this weekend, we cover an exciting and rarely seen topic – the use of acupuncture to address Shang Han Lun patterns. Our discussion will start with a basic understanding of Shang Han Lun diagnosis in the school of the famous twentieth century master physician Hu Xi Shu. After understanding his basic framework for the Six Level patterns, we discuss how Tung’s points can treat them. This topic illustrates how Tung’s points can be used flexibly to address a wide range of conditions, not just the western medical diagnoses that most textbooks and teachers discuss. Join us for this weekend where we combine the very modern with the very classical! For more information please contact us by clicking here.