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Taiji (Tai Chi) Therapy Training

Taiji (also spelled Tai Chi) is one of the great internal martial arts of China. Originally a powerful method of self-defense, Taiji also contains exercises that strengthen the body, treat disease and calm the mind. Taiji Therapy is based on a centuries old exercise known as Silk Reeling, or Chan Si Gong 纏絲功. Silk Reeling movements use the power of circular movements, combined with breathing and visualization, to loosen joints, increase strength, and circulate Qi internally. These traditional martial arts practices have been modified to focus on health maintenance and disease treatment.

Taiji Therapy contains sets that can be done standing, sitting, or lying. In addition it combines physical movements and stretches with acupressure and patting. These can be used for personal health maintenance or can be taught to patients. Practitioners with a background in Tuina or physiotherapy will find this class particularly stimulating. It is also a great way for acupuncturists to integrate traditional exercise therapies in their practice.