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Daoist Neigong (Taiji Stick/Ruler & 24 Seasonal Node Daoyin)

Daoist Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong, also known as the Guiding Qi Needle, is a classical method of Qigong cultivation attributed to the Daoist Immortal Chen Tuan. Using two wooden implements, the Taiji Ruler and Taiji Stick, practitioners go through a series of exercises that build Qi in the Dantian, and then circulate it through the channels of the arms and legs, and several Extrordinary Vessels such as the Du, Ren and Dai. This not only strengthens the body and prevents disease, but it also gives acupuncturists a true sense of Qi movement that enhances their treatment ability. In addition to the Stick and Ruler Neigong we will also learn the 24 Seasonal Node Daoyin exercises, which link a specific movement to each of the 24 segments of the calendar. This series of exercises, also attributed to Chen Tuan, harmonize the body with the seasons as well as treat specific diseases. This is a rare opportunity to learn classical body-mind cultivation practices in a small group setting tailored to Chinese medicine students and practitioners.

Class meets weekly each Tuesday from 12-1pm at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Open only the PCOM students, alumni and faculty. For more information please contact us.