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Classical Chinese Hand Acupuncture - The Tung Tradition

  • August Brodde School On Brögel 13 2285 Wuppertal Germany (map)

The Tung family lineage is a classical method of acupuncture dating back to the Han dynasty. One of the unique and special features of Tung’s system is that different regions of the body are used as microsystems that can treat the entire body. While most acupuncturists are familiar with hand microsystems such as Korean hand acupuncture, few are aware of classical Chinese hand acupuncture systems such as Tung’s. This course will introduce the essential concepts of Tung’s approach to treatment with a focus on the hand microsystem in managing pain and neurological conditions. We will cover all Tung’s points on the hand including many that have yet to be published in any European language. In addition the class will introduce the Dao Ma and Dong Qi needle techniques that make Tung’s acupuncture so effective. The course is in English with German translation and will include copious handouts. 

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