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Advanced Applications of Tung's Acupuncture

  • Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences 1600 Broadway, Suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612 (map)

Master Tung is widely celebrated as one of the greatest acupuncturists in the modern era. While the system he taught was previously transmitted only within very closed circles, he made the decision to disseminate this knowledge more widely in order to raise the general level of medical practice. Fast-forwarding several decades, we now have many books and resources, and many great teachers granting access to this highly practical system to interested acupuncturists all over the world.

Tung's system is praised for its clinical effectiveness, and is often transmitted as simply using points that are associated with symptoms. Dr. Henry McCann's background as a scholar of the Han classics allow him to go deeper in order to elucidate the theoretical principles and therapeutic strategies that underlie and guide Master Tung's system. In this lecture Dr. McCann will teach combinations of Master Tung acupuncture for specific applications. 

Couse Contents

• Day 1 - Tung Acupuncture: Needling the Luo Mai

• Days 2 to 3 - Treating Pain with Tung Acupuncture

• Day 4 - Integration of Tung Style and Classical Acupuncture

Approved for 32 CEU hours for entire weekend. For more information or for registration please click here. 

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